Black Hakik Stone Mala for Saturn



We are happy to bring forward another new product from Enlightened Living Enterprises:
Black Quartz – Hakik stone malas of 108 7mm beads.  Pundit Shastri has said that this is a very good stone to wear to strengthen the positive effects of Saturn and protect from the negative effects of Saturn.  This is especially good for those who cannot afford a blue sapphire.

Black Quartz – Hakik is also good for soothing worries and fears and controlling the overwhelming emotions of depression, anger and sadness.  Pundit Shastri also said this mala is especially good for anyone who is struggling with cancer.  It will have very good results.

The Price of this mala is $58 + 9 SH inside the USA

And $58 + $36 SH to Canada or Europe

Click below to order a Hakik Mala inside USA for $67

Click Below to order a Hakik Mala shipping to Canada or Europe for $94