Contact Us & Refund policy

Contact Us 
Ken Krumpe is the International Coordinator for Pundit Ramanand Shastri
All correspondence goes through his office on Maui, Hawaii
Or you can call:  808-876-1370
Fax: 808-876-1730 
Our address is:
Ken Krumpe
1367 Lower Kimo Drive
Kula, HI  96790 
Please remember we are on Hawaii time which is 5-6 hours earlier than the mainland 
Refund Policy
Once any Yagya has started, according to Vedic Tradition, it cannot be stopped.  Therefore, once a Yagya has begun no refunds are available. Refunds are available with 48 hours notice before a Yagya begins.  Due to the time difference and communication difficulties between the USA and India (where the Yagyas are being preformed), we need to have at least 48 hours notice to cancel a Yagya.    
You will receive by email a Yagya Confirmation stating the date your Yagya will start and how many days it will continue.  
Vedic Astrology Readings 
Vedic Astrology Readings with Pundit Ramanand Shastri are always typed in English and sent to you by email, post or fax.  Once a reading has been completed, there are no refunds.  Readings that have been ordered may be canceled for a full refund with 48 hours notice.  Readings include 1, 5 year and life readings, Medical Astrology Readings, Muhurtas, Compatibility Analyses and Vedic Oil Recommendations.   There are no refunds for canceling if a Reading is in the process of being done.  
There are no refunds for Readings that are not  correct because the customer provided us with incorrect birth information.  
We have a no refunds policy on most of the products we offer.  See details below for explanation.
We agree to refund the full purchase price of Pashmina Shawls, Matsya Yantras and Yoga for your Eyes if the products are returned in their original condition within 30 days minus shipping costs to the customer.  There is a special purchase agreement for all gemstone purchases posted on the gemstone page of this website.  We cannot offer a refund on any gemstone mala that you receive because we guarantee that all malas we send out are fresh and have never been worn.
There are no refunds on the Kavacha/Yantra because these are made for each individual and the major cost of this Kavacha/Yantra is the Yagya with 81 pundits to sanctify the Kavacha/Yantra which is done in India before the Kavacha/Yantra is shipped.
There are no refunds or returns on the 12 Lesson Introductory Course on Vedic Astrology.  This is due to the fact that the course can be easily copied and returned.  Therefore we have a no refund policy on this course.
There are no refunds on Rudraksha beads because we cannot guarantee that the Rudraksha beads have not been worn.  We guarantee that our Rudraksha beads are fresh and have never been worn.  Therefore we could not sell returned beads.
There are no refunds on Shilajit in bulk or in Capsuls as this is an expensive product and is not sealed when it is shipped out therefore we cannot guarantee that a returned jar of Shilajit has not been contaminated or altered.
We have a no refunds policy on all Planetary Oils, Sound Sleep and Pain Relief Oils.  Due to the exclusive and parishable nature of these products we cannot offer refunds.