Rudraksha Bead Pendants

 Rudraksha Bead Pendants

  These one face Rudraksha beads were hand picked by Pundit Shastri for their high quality.  Because of the nature of the one face bead, it is not practical to put a hole through the bead in order to wear it.  We have 4 beautiful one face beads that have been professionally wrapped by gold and silver wire.
The One Face Rudraksha bead is Shiva himself.    It bestows to the wearer salvation, financial success, fulfillment of desires, worldly enjoyment and the removal of even great sins (karma) and all kinds of problems.  It is the rarest of all Rudraksha beads.  These are genuine, high quality, one face beads which are hand picked by Pt. Shastri in India.
This is One Face Rudraksha Bead #3.  It measures 1& 1/4″ long and 5/8″ high.   It is wrapped in gold fill wire.  The price of this bead is $150 + $9  S/H   
This is One Face Rudraksha Bead #4.  It measures 1 & 1/4″ long and 5/8″ high.  It is wrapped in sterling silver.  The cost of this bead is $150 + $9  S/H 

The Ten Face Rudraksha Bead represents Lord Vishnu/Janardana.  This rare Rudraksha brings love and honor from all ten directions, insures peace of mind and protects the wearer from untimely death.  It is most beneficial for mental strain and mental disorders.  It protects the wearer from demons and evil spirits and snakes.  It protects the wearer from all evils and fulfills all desires. The size of this bead is about 3/4inch or 20mm around.  The price for individual bead made into a pendant is $45 + $8 = $73.

The Eight Face Rudraksha Bead is the manifestation of Lord Ganesh/Vinayaka who is the remover of obstacles and the son of Shiva.   It enables one to acquire longevity, wealth and an abundance of good food.  It is especially beneficial for the businessman and for finding a suitable spouse.  The Shastras claim that it has the power to erase the sin of lying and deceit and makes the wearer an upholder of truth and virtue. This bead is also about ¾ inch or 20mm around.   It is best to wear this Rudraksha on the head or forehead. The price for this pendant is $65 + $8 S/H = $73

The Two Face Rudraksha Bead is called the Shiva-Shakti Bead (male and female energies together).  It is worn for harmony in marriage life, mental peace and progress, fulfillment of desires and financial gain.  It is believed that if worn around the waist or arm, pregnant ladies will have an easy delivery.  It is also believed to destroy black magic, evil spirits, nightmares and super natural forces and promote good sleep if kept beneath the pillow during the night.   It will purify the sin of killing a cow.
The price for individual bead pendant is $45 + $8 S/H= $53


The Nine Face Rudraksha Bead represents the nine powers of the Divine Mother/ Goddess Durga. It is the most popular bead among women. It bestows wealth, family welfare, and fulfillment of desires, happiness and complete control over enemies.  The holding of the nine faced Rudraksha removes the sin incurred by committing thousands of abortions and frees one from the fear of death.  It is also said to help all diseases related to the heart. It is recommended to be worn on the left hand. The price for individual bead pendant is $65 + $8 S/H = $73. Click below to order: