Pashmina Shawls from India

100% Pashmina Wool Shawls from India
 For ultimate luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in a 100% pure Pashmina wool shawl.  Pashmina is the soft wool from the underbelly of the Himalayan MountainGoat.  Pashmina wool is among the softest and warmest natural fibers in the world.  Comfortable for wear year-round and for anytime you want to carry a fashionable wrap that takes up a very small amount of space when folded.  These beautiful shawls offer maximum warmth with the lightest of weight.  Pundit Shastri has hand picked these shawls for their beautiful natural colors.  We are offering two sizes, 88” x 42” and 96” x 48”.  Both sizes are perfect for meditation for men and women as they offer around the shoulder warmth and in addition, adequate length for your feet when lying down.
I am in LOVE with my pashmina! It is truly a finely woven garment. It has been a long time since I have seen shawls of such quality….My mother was a self taught fiber artisan and through her I have learned to truly appreciate the world of wool/ cashmere and other precious fibers. The pashmina is finely woven, light and super warm and the color is perfect as well! I couldn’t be happier!


Click below to order the 82” x 40” is $80 plus $15 shipping to the USA = $95

Click below to order the 82”x 40” for $80 plus $30 shipping to Europe= $110

Click below to order the 100” x 45” for $90 + $15 shipping USA= $105

Click below to order the 100” x 45” for $90 +$30 shipping Europe= $120