Pink Crystal Mala for Venus

We are happy to bring forward another new product from Enlightened Living Enterprises: 

 Pink Crystal Malas.

These crystal malas strengthen the beneficial influences of Venus and neutralize the negative influence of Venus.  They are also very good at helping to strengthen eyesight.  They are the same as clear crystal malas with the added benefit of being good for the eyes.  This stone can be worn by anyone who is recommended a diamond or crystal mala in their readings from Pt. Shastri.  They are also beautiful as a decorative jewelry as well.

Each mala is 38″ in length and the beads are 8mm.  There are 108 beads + the traditional guru bead.

The Price of this mala is $58 + $9 S/H inside the USA

And $58 + $36 SH to Canada or Europe