Planetary Massage Oils



Enlightened Living Enterprises is pleased to announce a line of planetary massage oils based on the principles of Vedic Astrology:
one massage oil for each of the nine grahas or planets. 

Pundit Ramanand Shastri has brought to our attention some ancient formulas to help bring relief from planetary afflictions and to strengthen the positive effects of the planets in our lives.

Thousands of years ago physicians were often trained in Astrology as well as medicine. The tools of medicine as well as Astrology were used together to diagnose a patient. If the physician was not the Astrologer then he often worked with an Astrologer to create a correct diagnosis for the patient (in the absence of modern technology).  Even today we have found this collaboration is producing accurate diagnosis without the aid of modern technology.

 Pundit Shastri comes from a family tradition of Vedic Astrologers going back over 1200 years and 41 generations that still maintains the knowledge of these planetary oils.  He is an expert par excel lance in Medical Astrology.

Today we are bringing these oils forward again as Enlightened Living Enterprises Planetary oils under the guidance of Pundit Shastri.  You may choose from any of the planetary oils below or Pundit Shastri will be happy to look at your Vedic Astrology chart and do a Planetary oil consultation for a nominal fee of $15 and give you his recommendations of what oils would be good for you to use.  Be sure to email your birth time, place of birth and date plus any health consideration to us.
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 Planetary oils are useful like yagyas and gemstones as remedial measures against negative planetary periods either in our birth chart or from current planetary transits.  This is why a planetary oil consultation with Pundit Shastri is recommended.  

All of our planetary oils are made from a proprietary blend of rare herbs in an organic Sesame oil base. These oils are properly cured in advance at an appropriate and beneficial time according to Vedic Astrology to make them light and potent so they will penetrate the skin quickly and begin their healing and strengthening processes.
These oils can be applied all over the body as part of your daily Abhyanga (self oil massage) or on the specific areas listed below; for each oil.  Pundit Shastri says:

You can use all the oils  every day, all at once on different parts of the body or suppose morning time you use Guru (Jupiter) Oil and mid day use Mangal (Mars) Oil and night time use Shani (Saturn) Oil. If you want then at night time use also Ketu Oil.


Feedback on the oils: They are excellent. They have the exact effect prescribed by Pt. Shastri
First, I wanted to let you know that the Venus Oil is unlike any other product of its kind (I’m sure you’re well-aware of that)! I could feel its powerful energetic effects even before applying it. Definitely the best massage oil I’ve come across, and one of the best astrological/spiritual remedies I’ve experienced.
Also, I’ve had the Mercury Oil for a few months now and absolutely LOVE it! Had the best experience the first time I used it. Works wonders in strengthening and balancing me, don’t know how I lived without it before (especially since I have 4 planets in Kanya Lagna — this oil feels like it was made just for me)

Before I went to bed I put the Saturn oil on from the waist down and went to bed.  I had an amazing deep sleep and when I got up this morning, I felt so rested.  I did not wake up at all in the night.  Wow, this is better than sleepy time tea, I like the tea but I will usually get up to use the bathroom during the night. 

I have personally tried many of your planetary oils and what I find remarkable is how the oils penetrate into the body and begin such deep healing.  I find that within 20 minutes the oils are completely absorbed in the body and no oily skin surface remains.  I find if I use glycerin soap my skin does not get dried out again and the right amount of lubrication remains on the skin.  I also like the wonderful smells of these herb-enriched and cured oils.
A quick note to let you know that the Saturn oil is doing its magic!!  Just letting u know i LOVE the Saturn oil. Can’t wait to order more! About 10 mins after applying the oil at night we are totally knocked out, and in the mornings, after applying the warm oil, my husband falls back to sleep, and I fall into deep meditation.   We are certainly enjoying the extra deep rest, and want to thank Pt Shastri and Yourself for making this wonderful inexpensive treatment available to us.   We will be ordering more very soon.

First I would like to state that I am enjoying your massage oils and find the Saturn oil especially beneficial as far as providing relief to my legs and feet. I have recently developed diabetes and find the oil calming to any nerve twinges I feel shooting up from my feet.

The oils arrived today.  I’m impressed! They are very well prepared…not over bearing (like so many herbal oils) and very well cured, which allows the oil to penetrate deeply. I’ve been using Ayurvedic oils and topical preparations for over 20 years, and I rate these at the top of my list. I’ll recommend them to friends.

If you order 5 to 12 bottles, we can give you a flat rate shipping cost of $22 inside the USA. Please contact us by email or phone.   For shipping to Canada and Europe we must charge $28 for 1-2 bottles and $50 for 5-12 bottles.  

 The following is a list of the oils we are bringing forward

and how they may benefit you.

Enjoy! We are!


Sun Oil

In Vedic Astrology the Sun is at times considered to have negative and harsh effects due to the excessive heat of the sun.   In an individual this can lead to a fiery temper, excessive heat in the body, premature balding, red face and skin and too much attention to administrative details.  Sun oil according to the principles of Vedic Astrology helps to pacify excessive heat in the body and bad temperament.  It promotes the positive benefits of the sun and brings forward clarity and organization of thinking and clearer vision.  Sun oil can be particularly beneficial when applied to the chest, liver area and head. The best day of the week to use Sun oil is on Sunday.


The first thing I noticed from Sun oil was a certain mental clarity and coherence. It was as if my organizational skills increased in every way.  I could feel my eyes getting stronger as well.  Thank you Pundit Shastri for reviving these ancient formulas.
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Moon Oil

If the moon is afflicted in our birth chart then our mental and emotional stability can be affected leading to depression, anxiety, fear, excessive worry and restlessness of mind. Moon oil, according to the principles of Vedic Astrology can bring peace of mind, good sleep, Removal of anger and greater stability to emotional imbalances.  It is recommended to apply moon oil specifically to the head and chest areas.  The best day of the week to use moon oil is Monday.
Moon oil has helped me to have calmer mental activity and emotions.  I noticed less fear, worry and anxiety and a greater sense of peace.  I slept more peacefully than ever.  Thank You!
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 Mars Oil


  Mars oil can help bring good health, mental strength, muscular strength and balance, and help to mitigate joint pains.  Mars oil can be applied to the entire body starting with the hands.  The best day of the week to use mars oil is Tuesday.  When afflicted in our birth charts or in transit Mars can bring forward accidents, conflicts and physical imbalances. Mars oil strengthens the positive attributes of Mars and neutralizes the negative.In Vedic Astrology Mars is considered the planet of courage and strength.


When I first tried Mars oil I was in a bad transit period of Mars and I was feeling the weakening effects of Mars on my body from the affliction.  When I put on Mars oil I immediately felt the strengthening effect.  I even felt my heart muscle getting stronger and my chest muscles in particular. I felt stronger and more courageous. Wish I could leave it on for one hour but 20 minutes was great!
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Mercury Oil

In Vedic Astrology Mercury represents intelligence, communications, business, knowledge, skin, allergies and more.  Vedic astrology brings forward that afflictions to Mercury can lead to skin problems, allergies, unsuccessful business and communications and dulling of intelligence.   Mercury oil can help bring the ability to do good business, strengthen intelligence, clear skin problems and more.  Mercury oil can be applied to the entire body but it is best on the forehead, stomach, thighs and hip areas. The best day of the week to use mercury oil is Wednesday.

When I first put on the Mercury oil I thought it to be very smooth.  Then I noticed a lot of vata (gas) being released from my stomach and intentions.  OK!  But then after my shower within the first hour I had three major business deals happen all at once and all unexpectedly.  I was truly amazed that this oil did help me have greater success in business.  Don’t know exactly how that happened but don’t care. It worked!

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Venus Oil

In Vedic Astrology Venus is noted as the planet of harmony and love, beauty and all refined and elegant things.  Venus oil is touted to bring a charming face, love and affection and healing to the urinary tract system and abdomen.  Venus oil can be applied to the entire body but best used on the face,  chest, stomach, navel area, and abdomen. The best day of the week to use Venus oil is on Friday.  Pundit Shastri has also stated that Venus Oil and Jupiter Oil are beneficial for relieving the symptoms of menopause.

I cannot rave enough about Venus oil.  I began to experience increased happiness, peace and calmness. It smoothed out my entire energy field. This oil is very silky to the touch and made my skin feel very soft and smooth.  Venus is definitely the planet of harmony and happiness.

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Jupiter Oil

In Vedic Astrology Jupiter represents the spiritual teacher or Guru and represents knowledge, spiritual progress, happiness and mental peace.  Jupiter is considered balanced in dosha or tridosha: ruling the ears (a seat of vata) liver (a seat of Pitta) and fat (a seat of kapha). It can be applied all over the body but first to the Chest head and stomach. Jupiter oil, according to Vedic Astrology, helps to give physical strength, happiness, expansiveness and calmness of mind and pacifies and strengthens all three doshas. The best day of the week to use Jupiter oil is on Thursday.  Pundit Shastri has also recommended that Jupiter Oil and Venus Oil are beneficial for relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Experience for Jupiter planetary oil: My experience from Jupiter oil is that I feel very strong physically and mentally.  I feel expansive and happy when I put on the oil for at least 20 minutes.  I have also noticed that excess pitta seems to be pacified in the liver area and more mental calmness. I feel my muscles to be stronger and fat seems to be minimized. Thank you to Pundit Shastri and Enlightened Living Enterprises for these remarkable planetary oils.
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Saturn Oil

In Vedic Astrology Saturn is often considered the most powerful malefic planet. If not favorably disposed Saturn can bring depression, delays and obstacles, worry, fear, anxiety, doubt and so on.  These influences are particularly felt during Saturn dasha periods and during the 7.5 year transit of Saturn over our natal moon known as Sani Sadhe Sati.  Saturn oil, according to Vedic Astrology, is beneficial at removing the negative influences of Saturn including negativity, depression, nervous tension and health conditions of Saturn, and neutralizing fear and worry caused by Saturn.  Saturn oil can be applied to the entire body but first to the hands, legs and feet. The best day of the week to use Saturn oil is Saturday.

I have been in Saturn Mahadasha for 10 years.  The energy of Saturn seems to want me to work in a disciplined manner and then rest in a disciplined manner.  As soon as I tried Sani oil I found myself becoming extremely calm and settled.  The effect was so calming that I felt that I was going to fall asleep.  I started yawning and felt a lot of excess vata being released from my entire body.
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Rahu Oil

In Vedic Astrology Rahu is considered one of the greatest malefic’s.  One of the two nodes of the moon who move in a motion opposite to the other seven planets Rahu is considered old and Tamasic and fearful.  Rahu oil, according to Vedic Astrology, is especially beneficial to those in Rahu periods or bad transits of Rahu.  Rahu oil helps to bring relief from the intense anger, fear and worry of Rahu and more.  Rahu oil can be applied all over the body but it’s most beneficial place in on the back of the body.  The best day of the week to use Rahu oil is on Wednesday.
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Ketu Oil


Ketu is the other node of the moon which also moves in an opposite direction to the planets.  Ketu is also considered, old, tamasic and fearful.   However it has a distinction of being the planet of spiritual discrimination and enlightenment.  The best day of the week to use Ketu oil is on Thursday.

Ketu oil can bring success in meditation and spiritual progress and freedom from the negative attributes of worry and fear brought by the negative influences of Ketu.  Ketu oil can be applied all over the body but like Rahu oil is best applied to the back side of the body.

What I noticed most from Ketu oil was a very keen spiritual discrimination as soon as I put on the oil; this lasted throughout the day. My intellect became very clear and focused.

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