Red Coral from the Indian Ocean


It is a great pleasure to share with you today
A new product from Enlightened Living Enterprises:
Red Coral Malas hand picked by Pundit Shastri –from the Indian Ocean
Red Coral has a great quality to enhance the good effects of the planet Mars

 Coral influences Mars (Mangal) which is responsible for the field of activity, energy, courage, ambition, sports, property, strength, technical ability, forcefulness & bravery.  In Jyotish, Mars is known as the commander-in-chief, due to its influence in organizing and managing direction in activity.  Mars is like a general with its focus on precision & power in activity.  Wearing  coral will strengthen all of these positive qualities for you.

The top picture represents Coral Mala with slightly orange color.  Each mala has 54 beads + guru bead.  Each strand has beads that are 7.5mm and the length of the mala is 23″ 

The second picture you see are bright red coral malas with 7mm beads and a length of 23″.   Each mala contains 54 beads + the traditional guru bead.   The color of these beads is a beautiful rich red.

The third picture you see is of the 4.5mm Red Coral
This smaller size Red Coral Bead is especially recommended for women.  The red Coral is 4.5mm and consists of 108 beads and is 21″ around

Cost – $200 + 15 SH   inside the USA and $200 + $36 SH to Canada and Europe

Please send an email to: and let us know which Mala you choose

Click below to order Red Coral Mala inside the USA $200 + $15 SH

Click below to order Red Coral Mala + shipping to Canada & Europe $200 + $36 SH


This beautiful mala was just sent to us by Pt. Shastri.  It is 108 beads with the traditional  guru bead.  The size of the beads are 6-61/2mm.  This size is very comfortable for both men adwomen.  The length is 28″ around.  The price of this mala is $250 which is an excellent price for this size and quality.

Click below to order this Red Coral Mala 28″ for $250 + $15 S/H = $265


Click below to order Red Coral Mala 28″ for $250 + $36 S/H to Canada & Europe = $286