Vastu Yantras for Your Home

Sthapatya Vedic Yantras for Your Home
Pundit Shastri is now offering high-quality yantras for your new home or commercial building as well as for preexisting homes.  These yantras help to rectify all inauspicious effects that your home may be producing for you, including loss of wealth, loss of harmony in relationships, poor health, etc.
These yantras are now available:
1) Matsya Yantra- This Yantra is the only Yantra needed for older preexisting homes.  It is also a must for new homes.  In older homes, it is placed on the wall in the SE corner.  These yantras, like kavachas are each sanctified during a yagya with 81 Pundits.  They are copper plates plated in 24-carat gold and have colorful and powerful engraved designs on them.
The donation is $212 which includes shipping to you, and $220 outside the USA.
2) Vastu Yantras– This is a package of five very small yantras made of copper that are put into the groundbreaking hole of a new home with the Matsya Yantra.  These yantras, for new homes only, will be shipped with the Navaratna Gemstones at no additional donation when someone buys the Navaratna Gemstones for their new home.
3) Navaratna Gemstones
It is recommended when building a new Sthapatya Home to put all nine gemstones called a Navaratna into the groundbreaking hole.   In addition, one should also put four copper mantras into this groundbreaking hole as well as any other objects recommended by Pt. Shastri.  In the picture below you can see this Navaratna setting.  The Navaratna comes in two different sizes, large and small. Note:  When you order the Navaratna we will add the four copper yantras into the same shipment at no additional charge.  

The large Navaratna is $120 plus $10 Shipping & Handling


The small Navaratna is $80 plus $10 Shipping and handling


 Please tell Pt. Shastri that I am very happy with the Vastu Yantra, in a few days it has cleared a lot the energies in the house, and now there is a sweet atmosphere around. Please thank him for making such a wonderful tool available.  Please convey our thanks to Pt Shastri, we are very happy with the Vastu Yantra, we feel that it is clearing a lot of bad energies in our apartment. 
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 Click below to order your Matsya Yantra including shipping to the USA  $215


Click below to order your Matsya Yantra including shipping to Canada and Europe $255