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 Maha Yagya for World Peace DVD & CD

World renowned Pundit Ramanand Shastri looked at the world horoscope and the horoscope of many countries in January of 2006. He predicted that 2006 would be a year for war and potential conflicts worldwide.  He expressed his desire to do a great Yagya for World Peace to neutralize these negative tendencies.  There was a very large outpouring of support for this idea and soon over $40,000 was raised in the USA, Britain and India to perform this Yagya for 40 days.  The Yagya began in March of 2006 for 20 days and then resumed again in June for 20 days.  The Yagya was conducted by 121 Yagya Pundits in the City of Gaya in India. This recording was made during the first day of the June Yagya for World Peace. It is extremely rare to have such a great documentary of a live Yagya in India and the effects from listening to this Yagya are profound.  You may literally feel your heart singing in delight. The Maha Yagya for World Peace was conducted in a temporary building outdoors called a Yagyashala.  This Yagyashala is 48’ by 48’. It contains an arani or fire pit.  It is graced by a large statue of the Divine Mother Durga with 10 arms.  Durga is said to have the powers of Brahma Shakti, Vishnu Shakti and Shiva Shakti. Durga is the destroyer of great enemies and calamities and therefore a central focus of a Yagya for World Peace.  The ten arms represent the ten directions: north, south, east and west, the four corners and the sky or up and patal or down.

There is a special feature to this DVD When you to press the fast forward or next button on your DVD player the recording will jump forward in five minute intervals to let you more easily find your favorite section of the recording. Each recording is also edited for continuous play.  When you reach the end of the recording it will automatically begin to play again.

Please note that due to recording conditions outdoors in India which were out of our control, there are certain minor deficiencies and extraneous noises such as horns honking and birds chirping which appear throughout this recording However, for those who have lived in India you will recognize these as the ebb and flow of life in India and additions to the richness of this recording.

Tape #1
This recording takes place outside before the Pundits enter the Yagyashala. One couple was assigned to take a journey or yatra to the very holy river Phalgu.  With the assistance of the Pundits they bring 121 earthen pots of holy water to the Yagyashala.  There is a supported cloth with red markings which symbolize the victory of spirituality and the removal of negativity.  There are also two Mother Divine gourds wrapped in 64Yogani.  These yogani are to purify the world consciousness and everyone’s immune system. This recording also shows the sankalpa or intention for the Yagya and mentions the names of all the donors who are sponsoring the Yagya and the names of all the countries in the world receiving the benefit of this Yagya.  There is also a recitation of the 1000 names of Mother Divine.

Tape #2
This recording begins with the pundits entering the Yagyashala.  There is a special Door Puja which is done before entering to protect from negativity coming from the planets or from demonic entities. At the beginning of each day there is a propitiation of the five principle deities, nine planets, 10 directions, mother divine, and also Vastu Puja all from  Yajurveda. There are also 2100 repetitions of Durga mantras Sapta sati and samputit.

Tape #3
This recording shows the lighting of the sacred fire.  The purpose of the sacred fire is to consume many offerings for the purpose of purifying world consciousness.  The lighting of the fire is done with an ancient device known as the Agani Sthapna.made of sandalwood sticks.  Sometimes it takes many hours to light the fire in this way.  In both Yagyas for World Peace this process took only a few minutes.  This was a great surprise to all the pundits who had never seen the sacred fire begin so quickly.  This was considered very auspicious for the success of the Yagya.

Tape #4
This recording includes Vedic recitation by Brijbhushan Panday, Arun Mishara and many other Yagya pundits.  In Vedic traditions only a few Pundits do the audible recitations of the mantras while the others do japa while counting on beads hidden from view. This recording also shows the very beautiful final five minutes of the first day of the Yagya for World Peace.

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