Z Emerald Mala

 We just received a new shipment of the gemstone Z-Emerald from Pt Shastri.  Pt. Shastri has been recommending this stone to some people as part of their gemstone recommendations.  Z-Emerald strengthens the positive effects of the planet Mercury and neutralizes any negative influences of Mercury.  
“Since Pt Shastriji told me to wear the crystal and Z-emerald malas, I have been wearing both together. Previously, I have worn them separately and I liked them. But the effect when wearing them together is much greater than the sum of the parts. For people who are recommended to wear diamond and emerald, I can highly recommend these two malas together. I’ve owned an expensive emerald and for a period in my life, I wore a very expensive diamond. I can say without any reservations that the effect of these two malas together, is more powerful. It’s hard to explain, but when I wear them together, it feels like I’m protected and in alignment with my destiny.”
These malas have 8mm beads and the length of the mala is 35″. The price for each mala is $200 + S/H.  
If you are ordering from Canada or Europe or anywhere outside the USA, please call or email at jkkrumpe@yahoo.com  and we will give you a shipping price to your location.

“I just received the Emerald Mala.  OMG – they are very beautiful and I felt their power right away as soon as I put them on!”

The Z-Emerald mala arrived. Very nice. A great alternative to wearing an expensive ring.



This is a picture of the Z emerald mala.  They have a very strong presence.

Click below to order the green Z Emerald Mala for $200 + $15 Shipping