Hessonite Garnet Malas for Rahu

We are offering malas from Pundit Shastri of beautiful high-quality hessonite garnets.  They will be very beneficial, especially with the upcoming Rahu transit or any Rahu dasha time period. Each mala measures 28″ around and the 6mm beads are beautifully and subtly faceted.

Pundit Shastri said to us:  “These Malas of hessonite garnets are very powerful.  Wearing this mala will be very beneficial for anyone who is passing through a bad Rahu transit or a Rahu Mahadasha. These males will give quick response and beneficial results.”

 Click below to order Hessonite Mala  for $58 + $10 shipping inside the USA

 Click below to order Hessonite Mala for $58 + $40 shipping to Canada or Europe


The picture below is of a hessonite mala that is made up of 6mm beads which are a tiny bit smaller and more delicate.  The strand measures 24 inches around with the traditional 108 beads with the addition of the guru bead totaling 109 beads.   

Click below to order Hessonite Mala 6mm for $58 + $10 inside the USA

Click below to order Hessonite Mala 6mm for $58 + $40 shipping to Canada & Europe