Jyotish Gemstones

Excellent Quality Jyotish Gems


We offer completely natural gems that have not been heat treated, dyed or altered in any way.  They come to you in their pure state filled with the full power of nature’s intelligence to serve your Jyotish needs.  Wearing the proper gemstone(s) recommended by a qualified Jyotish pundit has been a tradition for thousands of years.

Each of the nine planets including the ascending & descending  nodes of the moon have a corresponding gemstone.  For optimal influence, each gem must meet specific criteria of purity, color & shape.  Very few of the gems available today satisfy the required criteria for Jyotish, & we offer only those gems that meet these rigorous criteria. Call  Ken or Janet Krumpe at 808-876-1370 if you would like a Jyotish stone. Or  E-mail shastriinternational@yahoo.com

Jyotish gems, set in the proper way act like a selective filter to enhance the beneficial influence of the planets they are correlated with.  They also filter out malefic influences, protecting you from unwanted planetary influences.  Pundit Shastri will explain to you what size gemstone you should wear, what finger it should be worn on, what metal it should be set in & what day of the week to start wearing  it.  Below are characteristics of gemstones & what planets they correspond to.

Gemstone and Yagya Recommendation $25

Gemstones and Yagyas are very powerful tools which can move the course of your life to a more positive direction.  Pundit Shastri can evaluate your chart and give gemstone and yagya recommendations just for you.  Gemstones are worn for your entire life to uplift your good karma and increase the support of nature that is coming to you.


Ruby enhances the positive qualities of the Sun (Surya).
Sun represents the king  in Jyotish, the decisions maker. 

It also represents authority, power, Higher Self, father, body and health. 


 Pearl harmonizes the moon (Chandra) which represents the queen in Jyotish.  The moon directly influences emotions, mind, affluence, & public.  Wearing a pearl can bring harmony & stability to these influences. Moon influences the seasonal, monthly & daily cycles & rhythms in the physiology & our emotions.


PL700       7.00cts       Rich white                                           $700 *
PE677        6.77cts       Round white                                       $700 *
PE658      6.58 cts        Round white                                       $400 *
PL002      6.57 cts        Round white                                       $350 *

PE231         5.48cts       Round White                                          $1,000*
PE0336     3.36cts        Round white                                          $250 *
PE1507     3.17 cts       Round white                                           $300 *
PE2061     3.13 cts       Round white                                           $300 *
PE001A     3.00 cts      Round white                                           $300 *
PE308        3.08cts       Round white                                           $250  *
PE311          3.11cts         Roound White                                       $250*

Black Pearl

PE0053 black pearl with rosy overtones 7.35 cts.  $550


 Coral influences Mars (Mangal) which is responsible for the field of activity, energy, courage, ambition, sports, property, strength, technical ability, forcefulness & bravery.  In Jyotish, Mars is known as the commander-in-chief, due to its influence in organizing and managing direction in activity.  Mars is like a general with its focus on precision & power in activity.  Wearing  coral will strengthen all of these positive qualities for you.

Red Coral

BL99106             6.26  cts.             $475                    Oval orange*
CR065                 6.10 cts            $346                 beautiful oval pink*
CR132                5.73 cts             $325                 beautiful pink oval*
BL99134            5.36cts                $480                Deep Orange, oval cut*
BL98405            5.36 cts              $456                 Round, deep orange*
CR133                5.22 cts             $296                  Pink oval*
CR148                5.15 cts             $550                 Red, 9mm bead with hole*
CR131                4.60 cts             $261                   Pink oval*

 Red Coral Beads

CR015              $800           5.5mm        Coral orange color beads, no clasp -22″ long


Emerald harmonizes & strengthens the positive influences of  Mercury (Budha) These influences include intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing, drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect and commerce.  Wearing an emerald will enhance all of these good qualities for you.


EM497         Very rich darker green square                                      4.97cts           $7,350*
EM277          Slightly rectangular cut, bright                                       2.79cts          $5,000*
EM189         clear, bright, sparkly, med green, delightful                 1.34cts          $1,880*


 Yellow Sapphire harmonizes and benefits Jupiter (Guru). It signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity.   Jupiter is the major instructor or teacher & influences action with the highest order & balance.  Jupiter guides action in the most harmonious & uplifting manner & balances inner & outer input while simultaneously performing & monitoring positive action

Yellow Sapphire

YS984           light lemon, bright, sparkly                  5.00 cts          $1,950*    
YS494             amber, sparkly, clear                           2.46 cts.                $1,598*

 Venus (Sukra) is harmonized by Diamond.  Venus represents luxuries, romance, partnership, wealth, beauty, arts, comforts, jewelry, happiness, & vehicles.  Venus   symbolizes beauty, not just in material life but inner life as well.  Diamonds of high luster symbolizes the refined liveliness and loveliness of nature within and around us.  Wearing a diamond will increase all the positive influences of Venus.


Saturn (Shani) is harmonized by Blue Sapphire. It  represents longevity, discipline, authority, ambition, leadership, honesty, perfection, humility,  conservatism and dutifulness.  Wearing a blue sapphire will bring balance and silence to the individual. 

Blue Sapphires

BS0057     5.14cts       $6,500      Sparkly, clear indigo blue. incredible color*
BS148        4.37cts       $2,777     light blue, clear, square cut*
BS207        4.12cts       $2,426     light blue, clear sparkly*
BS0795     3.74 cts.     $2,553      Bright and rich blue oval cut*
BS0105     3.72 cts.     $1,985      rich medium blue square cushion cut*
BS228       1.42 cts       $307          indigo blue, oval cut*
BS188       1.12 cts      $510           medium, long oval, brilliant stone*

BS227        1.25cts        $395           med blue sparkly*


 Hessonite Garnet harmonizes Rahu, the ascending node of the moon.  Wearing a hessonite garnet will bring greater balance and silence into a person’s life.   Rahu is by nature unpredictable.  It creates sudden changes and influences.    Wearing a Hessonite garnet will help to balance these qualities.  It is similar to Saturn in its nature and influence.

Hessonite Garnet

MS0093      cinnamon, oval cut                                   6.12 cts          $650**

HG             Golden honey, oval cut                             5.00 cts         $600**
                   Cinnamon, beautiful emerald cut           4.00 cts           $450**
MS0103      Rectangular cut                                      3.18 cts            $318*
MSW0102  Round Cut                                                 3.15cts             $395                 

Hessonite oval cut        light amber color            1.67cts              $200


 Cat’s Eye  harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known in Jyotish as the descending node of the moon.  Its influence is similar to Mars & includes liberation, abstract thinking, non attachment, healing, enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden.Wearing a cat’s eye will bring balance and harmony while increasing the positive influences Ketu.

Cat’s Eye

RG0021 clear luminous eye, light green oval cabochon 2.38 cts  $1,666