Kavach & Yantra

         Kavach Means Armor

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Kavach means armor. Armor protects from negative spirits or souls and bad planetary influences. Kavach protects one from dangers of all kinds.
A Kavach is made of silver. Inside each kavach is a special paper where a specific mantra is written.  This mantra will be chosen for you by Pundit Shastri based on your chart.  The mantra will be different for each person.   The kavach is a silver tube about one inch in length with the proper mantras inside. (about as thick as a pencil).
The  kavach is then blessed:   81 pundits do a special yagya to bless and sanctify the kavach.
You wear the kavach on a gold or silver chain or red string. A kavach can be worn all the time but especially you should wear it when you leave  home.
Pundit Shastri can make a kavach for you based on your Jyotish chart.
Set in Silver,  only $225:  includes a yagya by 81 pundits to bless and sanctify the kavach.
Includes shipping from India to you.

My wife and I recently received our kavachas from Pundit Shastri…We put them on yesterday at the prescribed time.  I felt nothing for the first few hours.  I am pretty sensitive to things like this so I was wondering if the Kavach was working or not.  Then, while we were taking a walk after dinner, I definitely felt a lightness in myself on a subtle level like a weight had been lifted from my heart..a weight that I had become accustomed to and only noticed now that it was gone.

Then when I went to bed, I was very tired and fell into a deep state.  I could see a light fluttering inside my heart area and removing fear.  I really cannot put words to the experience because it was subtle.  I am used to subtle experience but this was different.  Something new is with me now and its influence is felt and seen.  Please tell Pundit Shastri that the Kavachas are alive and working.  

Dear Pundit Shastri,

We received the Kavachas you made for our family.  What a great blessing they have been.  Within the first few hours I noticed something I was not expecting.  I noticed that a lot of fear and worry and sadness were leaving my heart and being replaced  by a very subtle and blissful feeling.  I am not the kind of person who usually has these negative emotions so I was surprised at first.  Then I realized that these emotions did not belong to me, were not part of my mind set, but were coming from the collective consciousness, from the environment, and that the Kavach was actually protecting me from these energies and emotions.

I used to be troubled by demonic energies at night during sleep.  So I decided to wear the Kavach while sleeping.  To my amazement I have not been disturbed, not even one night, for the past several months since putting on the kavach.  My sleep is now much deeper.

Our daughter used to be bothered daily by the roughness of the other children at school.  We noticed that now she will not go to school without putting on her kavach and is now visibly happier.

My wife felt the kavach had a very calming effect and has experienced a lot more inner silence from wearing the kavach.  As a family we have definitely seen an increase in prosperity coming from many different sources.  So it is with great love and affection that we say Thank You for all the blessings.

After I put on the yantra, I did my evening meditation.  After about 10 minutes, I felt a huge release of energy from two individuals from my past.  It was a great relief!  I feel very blessed today.  


Yantras are slightly larger than kavachas and are also worn as part of a pendant or chain.  The mantras used inside the kavacha have different effects.  The different kinds of yantras available are:
Yantra for protection from Black magic and dark souls
Yantra for love and affection
Yantra for getting children
Yantra for finding a spouse
Yantra for success in activity
Yantra for success in business
Set in Copper,  only $200:   includes yagya by 81 pundits to bless and sanctify the kavach
Includes shipping from India to you.

Instructions for Wearing a Kavacha/Yantra


Yantras/ Kavachas can be worn 24 hours a day.  It is especially important to wear them when leaving your home. They should be worn on a gold or silver chain or red thread.  It is best not to wear them under water or in the shower.

Kavachas/Yantras should be worn as close to the heart as possible.

Tuesday is the best day to begin wearing a Kavacha/Yantra but no special muhurtha is needed to begin wearing them since a special muhurtha was used to make and sanctify the Yantra/kavacha.

Kavachas/Yantras are very special and sacred objects and should be treated with respect.

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It is rare in my history of this problem to receive such a swift and mercifully compassionate response. Sometimes the ‘attacks’ are quite severe. People are often unable to comprehend this, and often I have been told to wait, which is excruciating and detrimental.

Also, soon after you sent my application to Pundit Shastri in India, I felt noticeable relief from symptoms. There must have been spiritual help sent to me. This was a very welcome relief; you have no idea.

The dedication to serve others in need and the compassionate kindness from you and Pundit Shastri are in themselves an indication of the efficacy of the powerful kavachas offered on your website.

The minute Pundit Shastri got my application for help, the spiritual help came pouring in. I noticed significant relief that very night. You have renewed my faith in the Universal Good, or God in us all.  Helping a complete stranger in this way calls to mind the universal teachings of all the great scriptures. It is wonderful to experience help like this, and with no judgment!

I send along special thanks to you and Pundit Shastri for helping before the kavach even arrived, as well as for the help that is soon coming thanks to your compassionate action in helping others in distress.

My sincere and humble thanks,