Apple Banana Chips

 Apple Banana Chips
Organically Grown on the Slopes of
 Haleakala Mountain, Maui, Hawaii
From Our Family to Yours

Dear Friends,
When we started our orchard 15 year ago in Maui, Hawaii on the slopes of Haleakala Mountain our plan was to plant 52 banana plants so that we could have one bunch of bananas for every week of the year for our family.  That number has now grown to over 675 mostly Apple Banana plants as well as dozens of other fruit trees. Apple Bananas have a flavorful light apple taste to them without overwhelming the sublime banana  flavor.
Our trees are grown with organic compost, micronutrients and mulch added each and every year so that our fruit is not only free of insecticides and pesticides and chemical fertilizers but also of the highest nutritional value.  Micronutrients enhance the natural flavor of the fruit giving our bananas their exceptional taste. 
Our fruit is tree ripened and then dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the natural enzymes in the fruit.  Our banana chips are homemade and lightly sprinkled with organic cinnamon/sugar. We have also made chips without any cinnamon/sugar for those who would prefer the amazing taste without sugar.  You can click on the “Plain” to order these.   The chips are not dried until they are hard to the touch, which can destroy a lot of their taste. We dry them and leave them soft and chewy.  The result is a delicious flavor, which we have not tasted anywhere else.
Nutritional Value 
Bananas are very good sources of potassium, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, B6, biotin and copper in the diet. They are very easy to digest with minimal calories.  Bananas aid in regulating blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke. 
Ken’s Apple Banana Chips are great for hiking and picnics and a wonderful healthy gift item full of Aloha from Hawaii.
No need to refrigerate after opening, but best to keep the plastic bag sealed.
Aloha Nui Loa, Ken
How to order   
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Each zip lock bag contains 12 oz of Banana Chips which is the size of a quart mason jar

 Click below to order 1 Bag for $15 + $10 S/H


 Click below to order Plain – No Cinnamon or Sugar added-  1 Bag for $15 + $10 S/H



Click below to order 2 Bags for $30 + $10 S/H

Click below to order 2 bags Plain – No Cinnamon or Sugar added for $30 + $1o S/H


Additional discounts on S/H for larger orders are available.  Contact our office by email at or call 808-876-1370 for a custom price on your order.