Kens Ayurveda Cooking Spices

Ken’s Ayurveda Cooking Spices
From Our Family to Yours

Ken’s study of Ayurveda began in 1980 in India.
Since that time Ken has also traveled with some of the best Ayurveda physicians (Vaidyas) from India and was blessed with the opportunity to learn first hand the very practical applications of Ayurveda to daily life. Ken has lectured on Ayurveda and taught Ayurveda cooking classes for over 37 years.
Many people would like to cook according to the principles of Ayurveda with healthy and delicious spices for themselves and their families but find they do not have the time or knowledge to do so.
Many do not know that Indian cooking is not always Ayurveda cooking.  They are also not sure of the proper portions of each spice to use.
Ken’s Ayurveda cooking spices give everyone the opportunity to enjoy an enticing blend of Ayurveda spices free of garlic, onion and hot chili peppers. Ken’s Ayurveda cooking spice is not only delicious but contains all of the spices needed for proper digestion and to strengthen and nourish the seven Dhatus (Seven Tissues of the Body).  The seven tissues of the body include bone, bone marrow, blood plasma, red blood cells, muscle, fat and reproductive tissues.
Ken’s Ayurveda cooking spice mix leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment by nourishing all seven body tissues, which greatly reduces your craving to eat more.  This means you crave fewer sweets, do not overeat and maintain a healthier body weight. Ken’s Ayurveda Cooking Spices are made to have low sodium content.  However, if you desire more salt feel free to add salt to your taste.
Ken’s Ayurveda Cooking Spices contains:
1)   Cumin which strengthens and nourishes blood plasma
2)    Turmeric which strengthens and nourishes red blood cells
3)    Black mustard seed which strengthens & nourishes Muscle tissue
4)   Fenugreek which strengthens and nourishes body fat
5)   Hing (Asafetida) which strengthens and nourishes bone tissue
6)   Black pepper which strengthens and nourishes bone marrow
7)   Ginger which strengthens and nourishes reproductive tissue
8)    Vegetable salts- dozens of Vegetable salts low in sodium
We invite you to try this enticing and delicious blend of spices at least one meal per day.  Make sure to shake well before each use.
Take one frying pan and add enough Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to coat the bottom of the pan.  Add 1-2 teaspoons of Ken’s Ayurveda Cooking spices (to taste). Use a spatula to mix the spice into the oil.  Add tofu, any vegetables you prefer, cashews or pistachios, and sauté in the oil for a few minutes.  Make sure the oil and spices cover all the vegetables.  When vegetables reach a desirable cooking temperature add 1 cup of water and then cover.  Cook until all the water is gone and spice and oil are absorbed into the vegetables. Stir occasionally while cooking.
For those who are not vegetarian Ken’s Ayurveda spices can also be used for spicing meat.
For those who like to make dahl, just add 2 teaspoons of Ken’s Ayurveda Cooking spices and 1 tablespoon of ghee, stir thoroughly and then add to your dahl.
Enjoy!!!  No cookbooks, guesswork, or recipes required.
Tonight I used your spices in my vegetable and rice. Very nice.
They are delicious but it’s the digestive effects that are impressive.
I can feel that they stimulate the digestive juices
After eating I felt a warm glow in my stomach
but without feeling my Pitta had been overwhelmed.
We have enjoyed these spices daily in our family over the past 15 years and found what we consider an ideal combination and proportion of spices and veggie salts everyone can easily use everyday.
For an extra taste treat wrap your cooked and spiced vegetables
in a spelt or other tortilla.
It is fulfilling to know you have eaten the recommended spices for the day!
Now watch your health improve!!
With Love from Our Family to Yours,
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