Pearl Mala for the Moon

We are pleased to announce that we have just received from Pundit Shastri a very large number of exquisite freshwater pearl malas.   These malas are made from beautiful freshwater pearls that are 6mm.  Each mala measures 29 inches around.  It is a comfortable size to wear around your neck and at the same time long enough for both men and women.  We were amazed at the incredible high luster of these pearls as they emanate a very positive energy.  These pearls can also be worn as decorative jewelry even if you are not recommended pearls in your Jyotish reading.  

If Pt. Shastri did recommended a pearl for you this is a beautiful and affordable way to receive the benefits of this precious gift of nature.  Pearl strengthens the benefits of the moon in your chart.  It balances the natural rhythms of the physiology and balances the emotions of the heart.

The cost of the mala is $58 + $10 S/H.  


Here is a close up look at the beads


Click below to order a Pearl Mala for $58 + $12 S/H = $70

Click below to order a Pearl Mala for $58 + $45 S/H to Canada & Europe = $103