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Birth Time Rectification – $185

It is essential for accurate readings that your birth time be accurate.  Most times noted on the birth certificate are substantially not accurate.   We highly recommend that the first step is to get your time rectified.   Click on the menu ‘Birth time Rectification Form’.  You can cut and paste the form onto a Word doc and e-mail it to us.  Pt. Shastri is excellent at this highly specialized skill.   If you are confident of your birth time, we welcome you to start with a reading.

Life Reading  – $185

 Pundit Shastri will review your birth chart in terms of all twelve Bhavas (houses).  He will make predictions for your entire life based on dasha (time) periods.  This consultation is recommended for everyone having their first consultation.  This reading includes yagya recommendations for the coming year and gemstone recommendations for life. 
Thank you and Pundit Shastri so much! This was great to read and very insightful and encouraging for me – what a wonderful experience!  I will read over it many more times and make sure that I really absorb it. The information was extraordinarily clear regarding the timing of important future events and how to make the most of that knowledge to ensure I have a rewarding, fulfilling life. The reading was also very precise and accurate about my personality and what’s happened in my life so far and it was amazing! 🙂
Thank you so very very much for sending the life reading, it is invaluable!
 I cannot begin to express the profundity of Pt Shastri’s analysis.
Everything that pertained to my character was so deeply correct.

One Year Reading  – $185

  Pundit Shastri will review in detail predictions for you for the coming year in weekly or  monthly periods (to the fourth level of dasha).  This consultation is extremely beneficial in planning for the year ahead in terms of income and loss, safety, health, happiness, travel, success in business, and relationships. A statement sent to us after receiving a one year reading “The accuracy of his prediction was impressive”.   Includes yagya recommendations for the coming year and gemstone recommendations for life  if requested. Once you have made payment please email us at and we will email the application to you.
Regarding the predictions for my chart: 
During my  Bu, SK, Ra, SK period in late July an enemy did come into my workplace as Punditji predicted, and I lost my job. However, I am allowed to continue my employment with the company until Aug 12 so there was no financial loss. 
Today, during my Bu, SK, Ra, SK  period I was offered another job with the same company. Punditji’s prediction helped me very much as he predicted complete support of nature and very fast results for whatever I put my attention on—so I received an offer for a new job after only eight days. His prediction lessened my anxiety and nervousness over the difficult situation. Having the reading was very fortunate for me. 
When we received the recommendations, we had NO IDEA that our son would be traveling from California to the UN in New York to give a speech on PEACE during this time! We are beyond proud of him as he is just 13 and holds a big vision in his heart. We have you and Pundit Shastri and all the Pundits to thank for this.
I have received my 5 year reading from Shastrij.
I am so so happy to inform you that Shastriji was 100% right in his prediction. He had predicted that I will get a job offer before 31st July and I got the 1st intimation of ” we want to hire you” and compensation offer on 29th!!! In fact I got two offers at the same time, within a week and final LOI in writing, was signed and sealed on 5th August. And I so so hope that my career from now on will only be filled with success and satisfaction. I just can not put my gratitude towards Shastriji in words. Please convey my ” Anant Koti Dandavat Pranam”.

 Five Year Reading  – $185

 This reading is the same as the one-year consultation but projected over a longer period.  It is especially helpful for long-term planning.  Includes Dasha periods to the third level of dasha. Includes yagya recommendations for the coming year and gemstone recommendations for life if requested.
Following is a response from someone about their reading:  “Please pass on to Pt. Shastriji my sincere appreciation for the life reading. I will refer to it often, I am sure. It is extremely accurate, practical, down-to-earth, and concentrated in information. Really, the life reading is like a road map for my life. And just like on any journey, a good map will be a valuable asset as long as I live in this world.”

Here is another testimonial that recently came in:

“I was hoping you could share with Shastri how impressed I am with his accuracy by telling him that he has mentioned a few times in my life reading about me having skin issues, and lo and behold on those times I did have skin issues. Since I was a child I’ve suffered from a skin allergy known as eczema. And in those times he mentions my eczema has flared up. Very well done Shastri, thank you for all of your hard work.”

Compatibility Reading  – $90

 This reading helps you to know if you are compatible with someone.  It shows areas of strength or weakness in a relationship.  Especially recommended for couples planning to get married.  It is also valuable for knowing compatibility with business partners, friends, and family members.  Follow-up questions encouraged.

Muhurta – Auspicious time to begin an Action  –  $65

 Pundit Shastri can find an auspicious time for you to get married, start a business, buy a property, begin a journey, lay a foundation stone for any building, etc. Auspicious times bring greater success, support of nature, prosperity and fulfillment of desires.

Namkarana – The most auspicious sound for your name – $35

Pundit Shastri will look at your chart and see what is the most auspicious beginning sound for your name.  You will feel greater strength and positivity when using a name with this sound.
Click below to order your Namkarana for $35
Thanks, for confirming my Sanskrit name.   It feels more like me than my other name does.   It’s funny, I mentioned that I always had the feeling, like, why are they calling me that name, it just always felt odd to me, it’s not a bad name it just felt like it wasn’t me, it was somebody else.   I think just the knowing is enough for me now and when I am in groups where everyone uses their Sanskrit name i may use it or when I move to another state I may get to use it more?  I’m sure my family will think it is weird so I may not mention it to them right now!     Hey, they already think I’m weird!      

Business Investment Consultation – $75

Pundit Shastri will look at your chart and tell you when it will be favorable for you to invest in the stock market or invest in real estate on any other investment you need advice with.
Click below to order a Business Investment Consultation for $75

Planetary Oil Recommendation – $15

Pundit Shastri will look at your chart and recommend which particular planetary oils will be best for you to use.  Planetary Oils are very beneficial in balancing the energies of the planets and have additional health benefits as well

Gemstone and Yagya Recommendation – $25

 Gemstones and Yagyas are very powerful tools to move the course of your life to a more positive direction.  Pundit Shastri can evaluate your chart and give gemstone and yagya recommendations just for you.  Gemstones are worn for your entire life to uplift your good karma and increase the support of nature that is coming to you.


February 13th, 2016
Dear Friends,
We wanted to share with you a few ideas that we have recently reviewed with Pundit Shastri.
In the Vedic literature it is stated that there are three kinds of karma. The first is Sanchitta or Vichitra Karma.  This karma comprises the accumulated mountain ranges of karma from all our previous lifetimes.
 The second kind of karma is Parabdha karma or karma that has commenced.  This kind of karma is the suitcase of karma from our mountain ranges of karma that we chose to bring into this lifetime with us.  This is the kind of karma that our Jyotish chart shows us.  It is our free will of the past that we are reaping in the present.
The third kind of karma is called Vartamana karma.  This kind of karma is our free will of the present. It is the karma we are creating by the choices and actions we make in this lifetime.   The free will of the present is always more powerful than the free will of the past.  This is why we can do remedial measures in the present like yagyas, meditation, wearing of gemstones, Kavachas and yantras, holy Rudraksha beads and taking of herbs to help neutralize the negative karma of the past that is commencing in this lifetime.  This is also the reason many things happen in our lives that are not indicated in our Jyotish reading: for example, a man’s reading shows his karma is to live to be 100 years old, and he decides to test that prediction by jumping off a building….
We have found over time and with hundreds of readings that Pundit Shastri’s Vedic astrology readings tend to be very correct.  If you feel that your reading is not correct then it is almost always because the birth information you provided is not correct.   In this case, it is advisable to do a birth time rectification to find your correct birth time.  You can visit our website: for more information on birth time rectifications and to fill out an application form for a birth time rectification. Pundit Shastri is one of the best Pundits in the world for accuracy in birth time rectifications
And will give your birth time to the second.  You may even want to review birth time rectifications done elsewhere.  In my opinion, it is very rare to find any astrologer who can give accurate birth time rectifications.
Pundit Shastri also recommends that you carefully monitor your dasha periods over a one-year period and see if you can detect a standard pattern of deviation.  Sometimes the events that he mentions in your reading are happening consistently early by a few days or weeks or late by a few days or weeks. Even a twelve-second change in birth time can cause the timing of the dasha periods to be off by one day.  A one-minute change in birth time can mean a five-day difference in the timing of events. A 10 minute can change can cause a 2-month deviation in the timing of events in your reading. By watching the timing of events in your life it will help you to know if your birth time is off and then be able to know if you need to rectify/correct your birth information.
Birth certificates and parent’s recollections are often incorrect regarding birth time.
Neither of these birth time sources will give you accuracy to the second and the seconds do matter.
We define time of birth as the time when a mother and baby become separate physically; this understanding in not usually present when recording birth times.   We do not use the time when crowning begins or when the umbilical cord is cut or the time of first breath.   In addition, hospital clocks and hospital staff recollections are often inaccurate. When our daughter was born hospital clocks were off by 3 minutes as compared to atomic time.
We also recommend you take advantage of Pundit Shastri’s offer for unlimited follow-up questions to go more deeply into any areas in which you want to have further clarification Normally, Pundit Shastri will respond to any follow-up question within 48 hours if you have already done a reading with him. Questions need to be sent via email.  No more than 3 questions per email.  Questions should be numbered and kept short and to the point. Greater clarity in questions brings greater clarity in the answers.
 It is important to provide birth information for family members, friends etc. if you have a question about someone else.  Accurate readings about others cannot be made from your birth chart alone.  In fact, for the greatest accuracy, it is advised to do all your family’s readings at the same time.
We hope that with the clarification that these ideas provide that you will find your readings as accurate and satisfying as possible.
We have noticed over time that Vedic Astrology readings have a wonderful effect in helping everyone have greater clarity, focus, and purpose in life.
With Warmest regards,
Ken and Janet Krumpe


Dear Friends,
The purpose of this letter is to give everyone a better and clearer understanding of Vedic astrology readings.  Each year our service helps hundreds of people get readings with Pundit Ramanand Shastri, who is truly one of the greater Vedic astrology Pundits in the world.  Many questions arise from these readings and we are sure that there are many more questions that are never asked.  We hope to answer many of the questions in this letter so that everyone will be able to better understand their readings. 
A few years ago we sent out another letter, which is attached to this email.
That letter spoke about the accuracy of Vedic astrology readings and the importance of having a correct birth time in order to get an accurate reading.
The letter also discussed the three different kinds of karma:  Vichitra karma or the accumulated karma from all past lifetimes, Parabdha karma or the karma that has commenced (the one suitcase of karma from all our past karma that we have chosen to bring into this lifetime) and Vartamana karma or the karma we create in the present caused by our freedom to choose at every moment (our karma of the present).
The understanding of the three kinds of karma will make it easier to understand our predictions from Vedic Astrology readings.  
Many people wonder why everything that is predicted in a reading does not happen.  They also wonder why things happen in their lives that are not predicted.   
First, let me say that Pundit Shastri does readings for hundreds of people a year most of whom he has never met and knows nothing about their lives.  When a professional in any field sees a client in person, they can get clues from their reactions or answers that may help clarify their evaluation of the client. When you are thousands of miles away in India you can only trust in your knowledge and experience in doing ten of thousands of readings and the principles of Vedic astrology.  Therefore, pundit Shastri does not know everything about your life or what you want to know. 
That is why he allows unlimited questions to help focus in on what is important to you.
 A weatherman may do a weather prediction for an entire state.  However, you may want to know more specifically about your city or rural area.  Maui, Hawaii has 17 different climatic areas but no weather report will ever talk about all 17 areas.  However, a weatherman could be more specific if he was asked about any specific area.   
A Vedic astrology reading can never give 100% accuracy.  This is because we have free will in the present to change anything in our livesOur Vedic Astrology reading is more of a road map to tell us what karma we brought into this lifetime (our karma that has commenced or Parabdha karma).
 Our Vedic astrology reading or chart shows us the karma/energies that are coming our way from the past.  However, we can do things in the present that change our karma from the past, for better or for worse.   
 When the weatherman predicts it will rain today based on his knowledge and experience in the area of meteorology it is not 100% certain that it will rain.  This is like our Parabdha karma from the past.  This is what is shown in our birth chart, the times it will rain and when it will be sunny and when it will be partially sunny. 
Now each of us responds to the weather in a different way.  Some people do not pay attention to the weather report and get adversely affected.  Some people will carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat.  Some people will stay in their house.  Some people will go out, dance, and enjoy in the rain.
 In every case, we make choices in the present that change the effect the weather has on our life.  Like this, Vedic Astrology readings are a prediction of our karma that we have brought in with us (coming from the past).  Each person deals with this in a different way.  Some never realize that they can know what their karma will be.  They often get adversely affected. Ignorance is bliss?   I do not think so.
 Other people choose some kind of remedial measure to neutralize the karma by doing something in the present (like wearing a raincoat or staying indoors).   
In Vedic Astrology remedial measures include yagyas, astrological gemstones, meditation, Ayurvedic herbs, iron rings, yantras and kavachas, and avoiding situations and circumstances that would adversely affect us, etc.: that help to enhance positive karma and neutralize negative influences coming to us from the past. 
Therefore not only is it understood that everything in the reading doesn’t always come true it is understood that we can change our karma for the better.   If we could not change our karma in the present then everything would be predetermined and we would not have free will.
In Vedic Astrology Readings we have something that is very unique called Dasha periods.  These are the periods that determine when and what kind of karma/energies will come to us.  There are the Mahadasha periods or major periods of a planet, the Antardasha or sub periods of a planet and Pratyantardasha or sub- sub periods.  They may be listed with letters that indicate the abbreviation for the planet like MA for Mars or Mangal, SU for Sun or Surya, RA for Rahu, etc. They will also list dates for each time period.
Predictions are made according to dasha periods.  Our birth chart may show our placements for our whole life but dasha periods tell us when the different placements in our chart will manifest.  For example:  A man or woman may have Jupiter in their 2nd house which is generally a good placement for tremendous wealth but the person will say “I have never had much money my entire life” That may be caused because Jupiter Mahadasha does not begin in their lifetime until they are 65 years old.  That is when this placement will yield maximum results. 
On the other hand, someone may have been predicted to have a good period for health and freedom from accidents.  However, maybe that person is older and decides to go down their staircase to the basement without turning on the lights.  They slip, fall, and hurt themselves.  This is not from their karma of the past but from their choices in the present.  This is why this accident would not be in their reading. Furthermore, the good karma for health coming from the past would help this person heal more quickly even though they inadvertently made a decision in the present that was detrimental to their health.
I will tell you now something most people don’t know.  Dasha periods are about 75% of the effect and transits or Gochara are about 25%.
 Dasha periods although they comprise the majority of your predictions are not the only influence in our lives.  We also need to consider the effects of daily transits (Gochar) of planets:  the current position of planets in the sky today that are also affecting us. In each reading Pundit Shastri will recommend Yagyas for Dasha periods but only in one year readings will he also consider the influence of Gochara (current planetary transits) that are not favorable.
This is because the influence of a planetary transit is really only clear during shorter periods of time like a few days or how the transit effects you this week.  The only exception is planetary transits that are very long:
Like Jupiter who spends one year in each sign, Rahu and Ketu 1.5 years and Saturn 2.5 years. 
Pundit Shastri will also recommends certain gemstones for everyone.  
There are nine gemstones and nine metals in Vedic astrology.  Each planet has a gemstone that matches the frequency of the planet and each planet has a corresponding metal.  
There are many systems of gemstone recommendations in India. 
However, we know the following system to be most correct.
Gemstones are recommended to strengthen the effect of the 1 to 3 planets in the chart that always bring good results for you.  Yagyas are used to neutralize any negative planetary influences from dashas or transits. Thus, gemstones can be purchased once for life and worn 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 
There is a lot of information on Astrological gemstones on our website page entitled “Jyotish Gemstones” and there is also a lot of information on dasha periods and Gochara in our Introductory Course in Vedic Astrology. 
One other important consideration in accuracy of readings is the effect that other people have on us. 
Our family, for instance, profoundly affects our karma.
Our family charts change our chart and vice versa.  That is why it is always good to have all your family charts done together for greater clarity in your own chart. 
Years ago a good friend of mine called and wanted to know if he and his wife would have another child.  They had a two-year-old daughter at the time but wanted to know about having more children.  He and his wife both had charts that are more neutral when it came to having another child.  However, when I looked at his daughters’ chart it was very clear she would have a baby brother.  He asked when that would happen.  I told them that they were already two months pregnant.
 He asked “how do you know that we haven’t told anyone?  
In addition to our family charts/ karma affecting our chart/ karma, the entire collective consciousness of a city, state, country or the world also effects predictions. 
In 2008 we sent to everyone as a gift Pundit Shastri’s predictions for the USA and the World for 2008.  He used many different methods to determine the chart/karma of the USA for 2008.
Many of the predictions came to be correct including: terrorists were stopped who were planning attacks on the USA, violence and killings on school campuses in the USA and relationships between the USA and other countries.   
However, one prediction apparently did not materialize: the predictions for the economy later in 2008.  Everyone knows we had one of the worst economic downturns in the history of the world.  Yet this was not seen in the karma of the USA birth chart, etc.  Why was the reality so different than the predictions?   
We have seen that each individual can change their own chart through choices they make in the present; now multiply that by 300 million or six billion.  Then add a compilation of choices made over at least the past thirty years and have that all happen in a period of a few months.  Then add the panic and additional choices of billions of people around the world.  This will give you some idea of what happens in predictions for large groups of people.  The reading shows only the karma from the past not our choices in the present.   This is why major decisions in life, especially financial decisions, should not be based on national readings or world readings.  However, national charts are a good road map most years in most areas.  
Finally, I would like to say that if you have some questions about your reading it is always better to get clarification by asking pundit Shastri follow-up questions whenever they come up.  These questions if sent by email will usually be answered within 48 hours. The idea of this is to bring greater understanding of your chart.  Pundit Shastri loves your questions and there is no question that is not acceptable as long as it is presented in a respectful way.  Pundit Shastri has done over 65,000 charts and readings in nearly 60 countries. He has been asked every kind of question from people in many different cultures He is one of the best in the world in doing birth time rectifications.  He is superb at medical astrology consultations and compatibility analysis.   He is also a leading expert and professor of Sthapatya Ved (Vedic architecture and design) 
Remember that one of your greatest gifts from the heavens is freedom of choice.  What happens in our lives is ultimately up to the choices we make today or have made in the past. Whatever we do today is creating our future home. 
Vedic astrology, Yagyas and gemstones all help us to make better choices in life by understanding many of the powerful forces at play in our lives at any given time.  
Every year we do one-year readings for everyone in our family and refer to them constantly throughout the year.  We have realized that the readings are definitely worth the price of the reading many times over.  They help us understand when we need to watch out for our health, when to be careful driving, swimming, etc., when to invest and when not to loan money, when to watch our speech and when we will have good income… and so much more.
Wishing you the very best Life has to offer.
Aloha Nui Loa, Ken

Ken Krumpe