Sacred Tulsi Beads A Gift from Lakshmi

Tulsi Bead Malas

It is a great pleasure to announce to you today
A new product for Enlightened Living Enterprises
Tulsi Malas hand picked by Pundit Shastri –from India
Tulsi is considered a manifestation of Maha Lakshmi
The Devi Bhagavata Purana regards Tulsi as a manifestation of  Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and principal consort of Vishnu.  Tulsi, which is Sanskrit for “the incomparable one” is most often regarded as a consort of Krishna in the form of Lakshmi.
These Tulsi Malas contain 112 Tulsi beads
 Wearing Tulsi Mala (necklace) gives deep Meditation and protection from allergies.
Wearing a Tulsi Mala around your neck creates a positive environment
for Sattwa, harmony with family members and more coherence in everything you do.
One tradition expressed by Pundit Shastri
“Whoever is wearing Tulsi Mala they are better to be fully vegetarian
 not eating any kind of meat or eggs,
if they want to take non-vegetarian food then before  eating
put Tulsi Mala in Meditation room or in Pooja room.
After taking bath again can wear Tulsi Mala.”
While living in India in 1980 and 1981 I was able to visit the birth place of Krishna in Mathura
and his childhood home in Brindavan.  In these cities there are many Tulsi trees. 
There is a tradition in these old cities
That one should receive Tulsi beads as a gift if possible.
While in India we would buy Tulsi beads for our friends
and they would in turn buy for us.
So these Tulsi beads make perfect gifts.
We have worn Tulsi beads continuously for decades and they have a wonderful effect
For happiness and harmony, prosperity and protection.



   $20 + $8 S/H = $28

These beautiful Tulsi Beads are pure white with red thread knotted in between each bead.  The strand measures 40″ around with 112 beads plus the traditional guru bead.  The size of these beads is 8mm.



    Tulsi Bark Mala 36″ $15 + $8 S/H = $23

These Tulsi Beads present a more natural look and feel with the bark of the tulsi stems left in tact.  An orange thread is knotted in between each bead.  The mala measures 36″ around.  The beads are 8x6mm tubes.




   Tulsi Bark Mala 28″  $15 + $8 S/H = $23

These Tulsi Beads also present a more natural look and feel with the bark of the tulsi stems left in tact.  A red thread is knotted in between each bead.  These are larger beads measuring 9x6mm.  The mala is 28” around.