Sthapatya Veda Consultation

  Affordable Sthapatya Veda Consultations with

 Pundit Ramanand Shastri

Pundit Ramanand Shastri, as most of you know, is a very great expert in Vedic Astrology.  He comes from a family tradition of Vedic Astrologers that goes back almost 1200 years.  What most people don’t know is that Pundit Shastri is also a leading expert in Vedic Architecture or Sthapatya Veda.

 Pundit Shastri can do a Sthapatya Veda consultation and recommendation for your individual needs.

These consultations will include a review of all blueprints, renderings, and plot maps before or after your home is built to evaluate whether your plans are according to the principles of Sthapatya Veda.  Pundit Shastri will also give the proper muhurtas (auspicious times) for groundbreaking, installation of the cornerstone, and for entering your new home to live in for the first time.  He will also recommend any yantras or Yagyas needed as well as their size. 
It is recommended when building a new Sthapatya Home to put all nine gemstones called a Navaratna into the groundbreaking hole.   In addition, one should also put five copper Vastu figures into this groundbreaking hole as well as any other objects recommended by Pt. Shastri.  When you purchase the Navaratna we will include at no additional charge the five copper vastu figures.  We will also include a copper Vastu Yantra.
In the picture below you can see this Navaratna setting. Note:  When you order the Navaratna we will add the five copper Vastu figures and the copper Vastu Yantra into the same shipment at no additional charge.  

The Navaratna is $80 plus $15 Shipping and handling

If you are living in a previously built home, Pt. Shastri recommends one special remedial measure to remedy any negative influences caused by improper Vastu.   This is called a Matsya Yantra.  Click on this link to learn more about Matsya Yantra.  Matsya Yantra
We have also had great results with Yagyas for the successful sale of a person’s property and house.  You can request a special intention Yagya at a size that is appropriate.  The following is a testimonial from someone who performed a Yagya for the quick sale of their current home.
Just to let you know, that my house sold within 4 days of putting it back on the market, without even any promotion and I had 2 offers one of which was $1000 more than I was asking. I did however accept the lower offer because it meant I could stay in the house 3-4 weeks longer and not have to move out at Christmas (which was worth $1000 anyway) and it was to a couple who loved it and wanted to live in it permanently as opposed to someone who just wanted it for a holiday home.
The fee for home consultations will be $315


The fee for business consultation will be $565
The three Muhurthas are $65 each or $195


Shipping blue prints to India $110 (only if necessary)


Vastu Yantra $215 (includes shipping to you inside US)
Vastu Yantra $240 (includes shipping to you outside US)


For more information or to request a consultation, call Ken Krumpe 808-876-1370    We can take credit cards  over the phone  to customize your  needs.


Sthapatya Veda Consultation

With Pundit Ramanand Shastri

Application Form


Please carefully fill out the information requested.

Accuracy of dates and times is of utmost importance.


Name: ______________________________________

Date of Birth: 

 Day_____      Month: please write out________________ Year_________    


Time of Birth:  

Hour_____ Minutes ______Seconds _______AM or PM? ______________


Place of Birth

City__________________State_____________ Country____________

If you were born in a small town, note the closest city with a population of 10,000 or more and in what direction this city is from your birth place.


1) Put your elbow on a table with hand straight up in the air.  Measure the distance between the top of the table (your elbow) to the tip of your ring finger of the right hand.  What is this measurement in inches? __________

 Note: This measurement should be done for the head of the household/owner of the house.


2) What city and State do you plan to build your new house in? City__________________________State__________________


3) What is the elevation of the land you plan to build on? __________ (in feet)


4) What is the slope of the land? _____________________ (give in degrees)

5) In what direction does the land slope? ____________________________

                                                                                   (E.g. from West down to East)



6) What are the property measurements in feet for each side of your property? _____________________(provide a drawing or map of your property if possible)

7) Are there any mountains, rivers, lakes or oceans within 2 miles of your property or on your property? ______________

If, Yes: Please give the distance and direction from where your home will



8) Please give the length and width of the house you plan to build_________________________ (in feet and inches)