I’ve always been impressed with the personal experiences (as well as financial support) that my yagyas over the years have provided me.  However, since I’ve started doing the monthly yagyas I am amazed at the good support of nature I’ve been having.  I honestly thought that only wealthy people could afford regular yagyas but my experience has been that every dime spent on yagyas (and then some) has come back to me.  Wealth really is not about money.  It’s about the effortlessness of success and having the ever increasing support of nature when we put our attention on something.  I feel so wealthy and blessed…and I’m really spending so little compared to what I receive.

Our sincere thanks for the excellent support from all the pundits who work on our behalf. You know, there have been times in the past when I have wondered if we could afford the monthly yagya program. The cost is significant for us.  But After being in the program these 2 years, I am confident that the benefits are most worthwhile. Actually, most of the benefits are completely intangible and can’t be estimated in terms of cost. But even setting aside the deep and subtle benefits relating to our experiences on the level of consciousness, the concrete and measurable benefits alone make the program well worth the cost. Our health, our prosperity, our marriage and our daily success in activity have all benefited. The question is not whether we can afford to be in the program, but rather, how can we afford NOT to be in the program

Yes we would like to continue on another monthly yagya for the both of us. 

I do believe that the last few yagya’s that were done for us have been very helpful. Six months ago we were practically homeless, depressed and deeply in debt. Today we are buying a condo (with the help of my mom) and doing well with our jobs, making money, ect… I do not think this is a coincidence. Please convey our gratitude to the Pundit’s and to you as well.

Please thank Pundit Shastri for his kind help!  It was great speaking with you the other day.  Your thoughts and sharing of information really helped validate our positive experiences with yagya and jyotish.  We have been doing yagyas almost non-stop for two and a half years.  We have overcome several huge obstacles in a relatively smooth manner.  We are often amazed how much compassion has grown in our marriage and relationship with our kids in spite of having to overcome a bankruptcy and foreclosure.  Jyotish has helped put things in perspective, and the yagyas have been an amazing, accelerated transformation.   

 During the last several months, since we have made “safe and comfortable travel” part of our sankalpa, we have both had extraordinarily good luck during travel. On two occasions, we got moved to earlier flights, only to find out later that our original flights were canceled. In addition, we have had very good luck getting first class upgrades. Also, nearly all flights have been on time or early.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I can’t tell you the joy I feel in my heart from your conscious energy directed toward me. I had a lot on my plate while much of the Yagya time was happening, and I feel that your energy helped me through some challenging times (not only lots of travel, but some unexpected and very heated family challenges). I feel an openness in my heart and freer energy now, certainly more groundedness and peace of mind. I feel more myself, my true self, strong and loving and shining. I also have come an enormous distance in my peace of mind and clarity regarding my special intention Yagya, in addition to my relationship with my husband being so wonderfully friendly and loving and secure. Wow. Powerful energy.

     I just wanted to thank you and Shastriji for the wonderful results I have seen in my daughter and in her relationship with her mother.
I waited this long to get back to you because I wanted to see if the good results would last or if they would be around until the first predictable “bump” that I knew would happen.
First, the Yagya did a great job of bringing peace and happiness to my daughter.  She had been very angry and had been fighting with everyone in the family.  Her personal morale was very low she had very low self esteem.  It looked like she was not going to go ahead with her studies, even though on a logical level she wanted to.  Her health was also very weak due to poor eating and sleeping habits.  All of this magically resolved itself within a few days.
Since much of the situation was caused by poor lifestyle, I questioned whether the Yagya would have lasting results, since I couldn’t see her changing her “habits”.  Since the Yagya her habits have changed a little, with the hope of her seeing a better way to live sometime in the future…  Believe it or not, that in itself is a miracle!
The other thing that had been plaguing her for many years is a poor relationship with her mother.  They were constantly being mean to each other.  Amazingly, they developed a good relationship within a few days of the Yagya starting.
Since this was a chronic situation, based on age and culture, I couldn’t see the peace between mother and daughter lasting for long.  Remarkably, amazingly…it’s incredible to see that despite the many cases where there was a “disconnect” which would have caused war in the past…there is a lot of peace and love between the two.
I can’t thank you enough.  You made the impossible happen.  I am so grateful for your help.
May God bless you and my He bring divine bliss into your life.  You are doing such a good deed for people. 
Thanks again.

I wanted to give you feedback on my daughter’s present monthly yagya (for success with learning and education.) The yagya started 2 days ago. She has been complaining about college for the last months because she was struggling with math. Every week she has wanted to quit school. Today for the first time she returned from class and said:  “mom, I’m starting to understand Math, I asked for help 3 times today from the teacher.”

Ken, I was so impressed with the life reading that Pt Shastriji did for my friend, I would like to have one for myself. I realize now how enormously valuable an accurate the life reading can be in order to understand the patterns and influences (both negative and positive) that one faces during the whole life. I received a life reading many years ago but it was not comparable to the quality and depth provided by Pt. Shastriji.  

Dear Pt. Shastri,

My metabolism seems to have returned to a much slower and calmer pace since the Yagya began.  I don’t feel “fried” like I did before the yagya started and my blood pressure has gone down.  Last night I dreamt of wearing beautiful gems around my neck and that each one represented a planet.  I could see very clearly the beautiful green emerald for Mercury and the Hesonite for Rahu etc.

Please thank Pt. Shastri and his Pundits that are doing this yagya for me – it is truly a gift from God. 

Dear Ken, Janet, Pundit Shastri, and Pundits,

I am acknowledging a huge thanks for the grand success! On Tuesday I received a message from my lawyer that the OWI charges had been dropped and that I am receiving a lesser charge of careless driving.   This is a huge success in my legal issue! I am being saved thousands of dollars and fees and trouble by this merciful drop in charges, and can put my time energy into more positive pursuits! This is certainly a miracle as I heard notice of the reduced charges right at the end of the 9 days of Mother Divine Chanting! Not only that, during the last days of the chanting on my behalf, something ‘gave’ and my meditation practice has been like what I can only describe as a ‘Divine Blast’ – the energy coming through so powerful and loving like nothing I have experienced before. It’s like a surge of Divine Energy coming through! I am being helped in other ways as well in my personal healing, as if huge obstacles removed and the Divine help just pouring in! Our Divine Mother knows the help we need in our lives and even if we request chanting for a specific purpose, Her loving aid comes pouring in for other areas of our lives as well. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off! Thanks for the miracles! Blessings and thanks to you all, and special personal thanks to the Holy Pundit who has done the chanting on my behalf, I do hope you will let him know how grateful I am and how successful his prayers for me. Oh I can’t thank you enough!

Dear Shastriji,

Wow!  Two days ago I was feeling so bad I thought I was dying.  I started getting a very severe chest cold and cough.  Suddenly, very large unexpected expenses started coming up and our income and business just suddenly stopped.  I had no happiness.

Yesterday afternoon you began a Mars and Moon yagya for me.  I immediately felt the pain and inner tension begin to leave and my illness began to quickly disappear.  I had no idea that this kind of illness could be caused by planetary influences.  By yesterday evening I began to feel so much better that I started laughing out loud.

Last night I finally slept deeply and without waking up till morning.  My meditations are peaceful and settled today.  The cough and cold is 98% gone and I have regained my appetite.  There has been no increase in business yet but no more surprises regarding losses, which kept getting worse and worse.

Thank you very much for being there for me.  Please extend our gratitude to the Pundits doing my yagyas.

I am most humble and grateful for your kind words, Ken. I am also profoundly grateful for the wonderful service that you, Pundit Shastri and the pundits perform that helps so many. We are blessed to have this Vedic wisdom available to us.

Hi Ken,

I just want to comment that Shastriji’s astrological reading that I received earlier this year has proven very accurate.  I’ve been amazed to find so many of the predictions coming true on a weekly basis.  Early on, I noticed the predictions are correct but seem to be about 2 or 3 days behind. I believe that is because by birth time is not exact.  I asked Shastriji to use 6:16 A.M. based on a birth document but a telegram sent by my father at my birth says I was born at 6:15 A.M.  That difference of one minute probably accounts for the three day difference in the predictions. I find that if I move the weekly predictions forward about 3 days, the accuracy is astounding. I keep the reading in my day-timer and consult it every day without fail.


Dear Ken,

It is rare in my history of this problem (bothered by negative entities) to receive such a swift and mercifully compassionate response. Sometimes the ‘attacks’ are quite severe. People are often unable to comprehend this, and often I have been told to wait, which is excruciating and detrimental. Not knowing you were taking a well deserved rest, I prayed for a miracle and quick response. Then you emailed while on vacation! Also, soon after you sent my application to Pundit Shastri in India, I felt noticeable relief from symptoms. There must have been spiritual help sent to me. This was a very welcome relief, you have no idea. The dedication to serve others in need and the compassionate kindness from you and Pundit Shastri are in themselves an indication of the efficacy of the powerful kavachas offered on your website. So many sites charge exorbitant prices for remedial spiritual services and products while being rather unkind or unsupportive with the client. What does this say about the spiritual services they offer? Why accept claims of efficacy when those who offer these claims are unable to practice basic tenants of love and compassion for their neighbor? Even if product was scientifically, astrologically or spiritually precise in every way, the deficit in love and compassion in their hearts would in my estimation affect the overall efficacy of product or service. You never did cause me any pain while being on vacation; instead, I must apologize to you for any interruption in your vacation because of my rather severe affliction. Besides, I never had to wait at all. This was quicker service than when people are not on vacation! The minute Pundit Shastri got your message of my application for help, the spiritual help came pouring in, it must have, I noticed significant relief that very night. Instead of causing any pain, you have renewed my faith in the Universal Good, or God in us all.  Helping  a complete stranger in this way calls to mind the universal teachings of all the great scriptures… It is wonderful to experience help from all over the world like this, and with no judgment! With this strange malady, for two years now, often people have judged or scolded me out of fear. This mainly in North America in so called ‘New Age movement’ who do not have ancient spiritual teachings, disciplines or practice and are unable to effectively help those suffering from this type of affliction, even with best intentions. I wish I could help spread this help to others; there are so many suffering like I am who have no avenue for help and who are not aware of the right help that is readily available. It took me two years wading through the internet and excruciatingly painful trial and error to find the correct spiritual help for this challenge. Thankfully I was led through prayer to apply for spiritual assistance from Holy Avatars living on this earth in India who send their spiritual helps to everyone who asks, and through their miraculous intervention was led to you and others like you. It was like a magical chain of events opened up the huge dark impasse, and led me to the right help for this pernicious and misunderstood problem. I send along special thanks to you and Pundit Shastri for helping before the kavacha even arrived, as well as for the help that is soon coming thanks to your compassionate action in helping others in distress. My sincere and humble thanks,


Dear Ken,
Thank you for arranging the yagyas. And please pass on our deep appreciation to Pundit Shastri for offering us this opportunity.
My experience was immediate and strong.  Prior to this set of yagyas, I felt I was moving from one task to another, never enjoying anything that I was doing.  I kept taking on additional projects. The first day of the yagya I could hardly stay awake. I felt the heightened sense of awareness that I get coming out of meditation, only it was all day. I felt compelled to move slower, and complete an entire task.  I am doing less but accomplishing more.  I always think of these yagyas as a major system reboot.  I can feel the energy alignment change.
My husband felt he was unusually tired during that period, and when it ended he felt that a major weight was lifted from his shoulders.  He was very much aware of something different during that period, and reports positive results.

Dear Ken,
Over the past 20 years we have had consultations with dozens of Jyotishis but none none have made more accurate predictions for us that Pundit Shastri.

Dear Ken,
I appreciate your attention to detail. . Our experience working with you and Shastriji have been refreshing. It’s essential to have a good coordinator who pays attention to details.  No matter how good the pundits are, if the coordinator isn’t doing a professional job, the
whole thing is a waste of time and money. Thanks

Dear Pundit Shastri,
I recently had yagyas done for my mother and myself.  I recently visited my mother for a week and everyone is amazed at how well she is doing.  Last time I was there she was very close to death and no one expected her to survive. Now she is eating well, able to dress herself everyday and shows considerable interest in life and events around her.   My health has improved and my experiences in meditation are the most profound ever.  I feel I am operating on a whole different level.  This has been going on for several weeks now and really the whole thing was unexpected and caught me by surprise.  I have hesitated to even speak about it…but it seems to be steady now.  The effects of these yagyas are indeed impressive.

Dear Pundit Shastriji,
Some very good news – My mother ordered a yagya for the quick sale of her house and now she has received an offer to purchase her house. Mom and the buyer have settled on a price – Mom is thrilled – I think it’s the first time I have seen her smiling in a long time.
Thank you for all your wonderful help and many blessings.
We requested a yagya to help provide for a smooth and quick purchase of a large company. Thanks to the yagya we feel it is preceding along well – we are working with various financing groups and hope to “GET THE BEST DEAL” possible.

Dear Ken,
My wife and I recently received our kavachas  from Pundit Shastri.. We put on the kavachas yesterday at the prescribed time.  I felt nothing for the first few hours.  I am pretty sensitive to things like this so I was wondering if the kavacha was working or not.  Then, while we were taking a walk after dinner, I definitely felt a lightness in myself on a subtle level like a weight had been lifted from my heart…a weight that I had become accustomed to and only noticed now that it was gone.
Then when I went to bed, I was very tired and immediately fell into a deep state.  I could see a light fluttering inside my heart area and removing fear.  I really cannot put words to the experience because it was subtle.  I am used to subtle experience but this was different. Something new is with me and its influence is felt and seen.
Please tell Pundit Shastri that the kavachas are alive and working.

Dear Pundit Shastri,
We received the kavachas you made for our family.  What a great blessing they have been.  Within the first few hours I noticed something I was not expecting.  I noticed that a lot of fear and worry and sadness were leaving my heart and being replaced by a very subtle and blissful feeling.  I am not the kind of person who usually has these negative emotions so I was surprised at first.  Then I realized that these emotions did not belong to me, were not part of my mind set, but were coming from the collective consciousness, from the environment, and that the kavacha was actually protecting me from these energies and emotions.
I used to be troubled by demonic energies at night during sleep.  So I decided to wear the kavacha while sleeping.  To my amazement I have not been disturbed, not even one night, for the past several months since putting on the kavacha.  My sleep is now much deeper.
Our daughter used to be bothered daily by the roughness of the other children at school.  We noticed that now she will not go to school without putting on her kavacha and is now visibly happier.
My wife felt the kavacha had a very calming effect and has experienced a lot more inner silence from wearing the kavacha.
As a family we have definitely seen an increase in prosperity coming from many different sources.  So it is with great love and affection that we say Thank you for all the blessings.

I am writing this note mostly to let you know how much I appreciate this service.  Last April you did two planetary yagyas for me and it helped so very much.  I take anything that has to do with Rahu and Saturn seriously…I thank them for the lessons, let them know they are in charge and bow to them…even in this time where the economy is effecting everyone and myself personally, I still see the wisdom in paying for them and pulling back in other areas.

One last thing, originally I was disappointed in the five year reading because children were mentioned many times and my husband and I do not have children…so I thought, this is off.  Boy was I wrong!  This reading has been so on target, even regarding children.  This five year reading has been an excellent value.