Yagyas Offered

By conducting this program to support 250 Vedic Priests and their families in India, we meet our purpose of advancing the education of Vedic Astrology and instructing the public on Vedic Astrology which is useful to individuals and beneficial to everyone in the world.  Your donations allow this age old tradition to continue to benefit mankind as a whole as well as individuals. 
It is said that karma of the past is returned to us in the present  through the motions of the nine grahas or planets.  A consultation with a Jyotish Pundit clarifies for us whether the fruit we are reaping is beneficial or harmful.  Yagya performances are remedial measures to help produce positive effects and neutralize negative frequencies. 
Yagya performances are conducted on your behalf by skilled & highly trained yagya pundits in India as a thank you for your donation.  A pundit will recite specific mantras (sounds) on your behalf.  The influence will find you wherever you may live.  There are different categories of yagyas (see below).  The size of any yagya is determined by the number of recitations of the mantras used.   The largest size yagya has twice as many repetitions as the half size. The larger the yagya the more benefits will result. Your donation covers the cost of the ingredients of the Yagya including rice, flowers, silk cloth, sandalwood paste, incense, herbs and gives the Pundit & his family some money for his services on your behalf.
Gemstone and Yagya Recommendation $25
Gemstones and Yagyas are very powerful tools to move the course of your life into a more positive direction.  Pundit Shastri can evaluate your chart and give gemstone and yagya recommendations just for you.  Gemstones are worn of your entire life to uplift your good karma and increase the support of nature that is coming to you.
Yes we would like to continue on another monthly yagya for the both of us. 
I do believe that the last few yagya’s that were done for us have been very helpful. Six months ago we were practically homeless, depressed and deeply in debt. Today we are buying a condo (with the help of my mom) and doing well with our jobs, making money, etc.. I do not think this is a coincidence. Please convey our gratitude to the Pundit’s and to you as well.

Planetary Yagyas 
Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu   5 Pundits for 9 Days   Donation Requested  $265 each 

These Yagyas are usually prescribed by Pundit Shastri when he does a chart.  There are certain times during a person’s life where their life situation can be greatly helped by these planetary Yagyas.  For example, a Moon yagya can give emotional stability, a Saturn Yagya can help with delays and obstacles, a Mars yagya can smooth anger and give courage in a difficult situation.
 My yagya experience was very good.  Like someone cleared the mental screen with Windex.  Razor sharp thinking.  Answers to some perennial problems became apparent, action was easy and effortless. Was able to move quite a bit ahead.
Planetry Oil Recommendation – $15
Pundit Shastri will look at your chart and recommend which particular planetary oils will be best for you to use.  Planetary Oils are very beneficial in balancing the energies of the specific planets and have additional health benefits as well.  We highly recommend using the planetary oil of the planet that you are having the yagya done for.  For example, using Venus oil while having a Venus yagya done.

Nakshatra Yagya  5 Pundits for 9 Days   Donation Requested $265

If someone is born in the Nakshatra in Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool and Revati we find that these Nakshatras do not have a good influence.   These Nakshatras always create negativity in the person’s life.  If you have a Nakshatra Yagya done only once then it will create harmony and give full support of nature from  then on.  This Nakshatra Yagya will give a very good influence for your whole life.  At the time of the chart reading by Pundit Shastri, he will tell you what Nakshatra you were born under and make the appropriate recommendations.

 Birthday Yagya Donation Requested $165  1 Day Yagya by 11 Pundits
or 3 Days by 11 Pundits for $495
 Birthday Yagya Donation Requested $735  9 Days by 9 Pundits

This yagya is especially recommended for those who are having their 60th Birthday.  Pundit Shastri indicated that this is a very important Birthday

Birthday Yagyas are performed on or around one’s birthday.  They promote general progress, good health, success & happiness for the coming year.  “I had a most blissful Birthday, thanks to the yagya. The bliss came in waves and I felt very good physically as well. At dinner later that evening, I was able to truthfully tell the family that I feel better at 53, than I did at 52!! Wish I could do these yagya constantly.Thanks again”

     Nine Days of Mother Divine  April and October

A special 9 days yagya during the most auspicious time of the Vedic Calendar.  Each person may name the special purpose of their yagya such as removal of obstacles  spiritual progress, prosperity, freedom from fear, finding a good spouse…This special yagya may be done for the entire family.

Mother Divine yagya – wow!!!  Powerful already.   I know they haven’t started yet but like last fall, I’m already getting results ahead of time.  I wouldn’t miss having these 9 day Mother Divine yagyas for anything.  They are the most powerful yagyas I have ever had.  I’m very happy and grateful to have this opportunity.


     Anniversary Yagya
An anniversary yagya is a nice gift for yourself or friends.  It creates harmony, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment of desires.  It is a nice way to begin every married year. 
   Special Intention Yagyas
 Yagyas can be performed to create just about any effect which we desire in life. See “Auspicious Dates Calendar” on the Home Page  menu for the best days for these yagyas or ask Pundit Shastri to choose an auspicious day for you to start the yagya. 
* Vast amounts of money coming easily without effort
* Good fortune, prosperity and abundance
* Improvement of health
* Weight Loss and Perfect Health
* Peace of mind
* Happiness
* Enlightenment in Unity Consciousness
* Improvement of memory
* Conceiving children
* Fortunate development of children
* Removal of obstacles
* Freedom from inner fear
* Freedom from bondage
* A safe, comfortable journey
* Good & peaceful sleep
* Domestic & general happiness
* Harmony in married life
* Finding a suitable life partner
* Removal of Domestic worries
* Success in business or finding a job
* Building, buying, selling a home
* Improvement of finances
* Success in education & learning
* Physical & mental energy
* Improvement of eye sight
* Good Fortune
* Improvement of hearing
* Weight gain or loss
* Freedom from drug addiction
* Winning a court case
* Fulfillment of desires
* Removal of big trouble
* Removal of fear from govt & enemy (favorable settlement of conflict)
* Vaastu Yagya-removal of negative effects of bad Vaastu
* Upholding evolution in life
* Spiritual progress and enlightenment 

Donations Requested:

Special Intention 1 day yagya by 11 pundits    $215 
Special Intention 9 days yagya by 11 pundits  $735    

Special Intention 11 days yagya by 11 pundits  $940 

Special Intention 30 days yagya by 4 pundits   $630

Special Intention 30 days yagya by 2 pundits   $315

Just to let you know that as soon as the yagya was completed, my house sold within 4 days of putting it back on the market, without even any promotion and I had 2 offers one of which was $1000 more than I was asking. I did however accept the lower offer because it meant I could stay in the house 3-4 weeks longer and not have to move out at Christmas (which was worth $1000 anyway) and it was to a couple who loved it and wanted to live in it permanently as opposed to someone who just wanted it for a holiday home.

I had a Yagya performed for my mother from July 11 to August 11  for liberation, transformation and moksha as she was trapped in some karma containing her in a state of dementia and unrest   —- she had been so disruptive in her chaos that there was some concern that the assisted living home would keep her there. During the Yagya she really quieted down and as soon as it ended she began uprising again but then was quiet about 3 days and today she passed away peacefully.  Thank you Pundit Shastri for the  Yagya and for my mother’s peaceful transition out of chaos and into tranquility

Most Requested Special Intention Yagyas

 Maha LaxmiThis yagya is for wealth and prosperity.
 Laxmi Yagya for 3 days by 27 Pundits for $735
Laxmi Yagya for 3 days by 1 Pundit for $110
Laxmi Yagya for 1 Day by 11 Pundits for $215

Maha Mrityunjaya – This is called the “King of Yagyas” for its very blissful effects.  This yagya is supremely effective in bringing faster recovery from illness and helps in preventing serious illness.  It has great healing effects.  It is a weapon against disease.  It is life giving. It gives courage, strength & protection in daily life. The Maha Mrityunjaya yagya is also done for elders to mitigate physical & emotional problems.  It frees the mind from bondage & brings inner peace. 
Donation Requested:
11 Days by 11 Pundits  $940
9 days yagya by 11 pundits  $735
11 days by 15 pundits $1,185
30 days yagya by 4 pundits   $630
30 days yagya by 2 pundits   $315
9 days yagya by 2 pundits    $215
Monthly Yagya Program: Large Size $630  Half Size  $315

Monthly Yagya program is a program where 1,2,3,4 or 8 yagya pundits perform yagya for you every day of the month.  Each month you can request which yagya you would like to have done for you and/or your family.  Pundit Shastri will clarify which yagyas are best for you.  All special intention yagyas that normally cost $735 will be done at the monthly price of $630 per month. You can write your own sankalpa or intention for these yagyas.  You can specify very specifically what intention you would like the yagya to be done for.

Monthly Yagya with 1 Pundits $165
 Monthly Yagya with 2 Pundits  $315
Monthly Yagya with 3 Pundits $495
Monthly Yagya with 4 Pundits $630
Monthly Yagya with 8 Pundits $1260
I am finding access to deeper peace, balance and inner strength since the Yagyas began last week.  I can always feel then the Pundits begin to chant for me, the energy is so very powerful.  I am so grateful for these highly conscious beings to be working with and for me.
Shraddah Yagya-Donation Requested: $1,060 – 13 Days by 2 Pundits
Shraddah Yagya-Donation Requested: $215 – 3 Days by 2 Pundits
Offering of a Cow is very auspicious for the departed  $1,060
The Shraddah Yagya is done for the welfare of deceased family members.  It can be organized to be started immediately upon the passing of a loved one or can be done many years later.  The Shraddah yagya helps a soul to find its way clearly and safely to the next stage of evolution.  It helps to purify the karma of the deceased and regenerate the subtle body after passing.  It also helps to bring welfare to the family of those remaining in this world.  In a Shraddah Yagya many gifts are given to the Brahmins and to the poor to help purify the karma.  These include beds, food, clothing and money.  This is why there is greater expense for this yagya.
A special gift of a cow is highly recommended.  The effect of offering a cow will bring happiness, good health and great prosperity to the deceased in his/her next lifetime.  The cow is donated to the Brahmins and will provide auspicious ingredients for future yagyas thus creating an unending stream of good karma for the deceased.  
We also offer the option of doing a Gaya Shraddah Yagya for all of your ancestors.  The donation will be the same as a Shraddah Yagya, $1060 for 15 days.  This yagya will give full Moksha for all of your ancestors.
 Shraddah Yagya 13 Days by 2 Pundits $1,060
Shraddah Yagya 3 Days by 2 Pundits $215
Offering of a cow $1,060
My sense is that this is the most important yagya I have done and will have the most far reaching effects. I am so glad that Pt. Shastriji is making it possible. I have always felt that some of my ancestors might need some help moving on in their evolution. My instincts are that this will be a huge benefit to my wife and me and my sister as well as to those departed ancestors going back 3 or 4 generations.Thank You


My heartfelt thanks to Pundit Shastri, the pundits, and you for your kind wishes and for praying for my sister during the last two years. She was very appreciative of all who prayed for her and was deeply grateful for the extra time that she was granted. She grew spiritually during that time; it was a great blessing for her. It is a comfort to me to know that the Shraddah yagya helped not only her but also the family

              Sanjeewani Yagya – Donation Requested: $1,030 – 11 days by 11 Pundits

This special yagya is to be done before, during and after surgery.  It helps to restore health and enhance healing.

 Sanjeewani Yagya for $1,030
             Yagya for Success in Business Donation: 
$735 – 9 days by 9 Pundits
$940 – 11 days by 11 Pundits

This Yagya is to Lord Shi Ganesh and Mother Divine Laxmi.  There are two types of Business Yagyas.  One is for success in starting a business and the other one is for success in a business already established. 

 Success in Business Yagya  $735
 Success in Business Yagya  $940 

             Great Maha Yagyas for Accomplishing Any  Really Big Desire or Task or Resolving any Difficult Problem – for Yourself, Your Family or Your Business

121 Pundits Donation of  $1,060 Per Day 
Usually 11 Days Minimum up to 30 Days
 Please call us to arrange for payment 808-876-1370 

This yagya can be done for success in business, overcoming very difficult obstacles, winning large court cases, or resolving very serious health or personal problems. This Yagya can also be done for World Peace. You will be allowed to specify your specific intention that will become the sankalpa for the yagya.   The sankalpa can be adjusted as needed during the Yagya.  Pundit Shastri will choose for you an auspicious time to begin the yagya.

How to Order: 
To order a yagya with the Pundit Ramanand Shastri Yagya Program please contact:  Pundit Ramanand Shastri’s Administrative Office for North  America

1367 Lower Kimo Drive
Kula, HI  96790
808-876-1370 Phone
808-876-1730 fax   


Office hours  11 AM to 4 PM  Hawaii Standard Time.