Iron Rings for Saturn

Free Iron Rings for Saturn

Iron Rings are very powerful and traditionally worn to neutralize the bad influences of the planet Saturn (Shani).  They can be worn by anyone at any time. They are most commonly worn during Saturn dasa periods or Shani Sadhe Sati (Seven and a half year cycle of Saturn transiting the natal moon) or during a current planetary transit of Saturn. However, they can be worn by anyone at any time.  These rings are most effective when worn on the right middle finger for men and leftmiddle finger for women.Iron rings are made from the shoes of black horses or from iron nails from wooden boats.  They are traditionally made on a Saturday.

These rings were given out free to Pundit Shastri from a very ancient and holy Shani temple in India.  Therefore, they are free.  Any donation that you may want to send will be given to the Shani temple in India.

We can ship these rings by first class mail to you for $7 US anywhere in the USA.  If you live outside the USA the cost will be $35 because shipping over seas is so expensive.  Please choose the appropriate add to cart button at the bottom of this page.

You will need to find our your ring size for your middle finger (right hand for men and left hand for ladies).  Please note the smallest size we have available is size 8 and the largest is 10 USA.  Please send your size in US.    All jewelry stores have the loops to measure ring size.  Once you place your order, please send us an email with your ring size.  If we do not have your ring size, you can wear the iron ring on a chain around your neck.  Once you receive the iron ring, we cannot refund your shipping because our expenses have already been incurred.

At this email address:

If you have some doubt that you should wear an iron ring we can arrange for Pundit Shastri to look at your birth chart and then let you know.   The iron rings are a little different each time we receive a shipment.
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Remember to email your ring size as mentioned above!